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This entire pandemic situation is making us rethink the ways we had been leading our lives and teaching us so many things anew along the way. Also, a lot of things are happening that are contrary to our predictions made during the initial stages of the pandemic. For instance, the real estate sector was expected to be hit hard but it turns out the shockwave didn’t hit the sector hard enough. People are starting to think more and more about a permanent address for their future and tenants are looking to move to greener pastures for safer living. And as there is an inclination on finding everything online nowadays, all sorts of information including home, work, sale, and rent are also expected to be found in cyberspace. All in all, it is high time to list your property on Bproperty, whether it is for rent or sale.

Why list your property on Bproperty?

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List your property for maximum exposure

Selling a house or property is not an easy task by any means. There are thousands of things to consider before selling your property. Similarly, finding tenants for letting is also a daunting task. So, what do you do about this perennial problem? Two ways you can approach this hurdle. One, wait for someone to contact you as most people do, or two, list your property in an online platform.

As more and more people are leaning towards technology, it is now time for your property to be listed on an online platform. And there is no place better than Bproperty that maintains its position as one of the most reliable platforms for helping people find a home even amid this crisis. That’s why if you list your property on Bproperty, the chances of your house being rented or sold are increasingly high.

Apart from that, Bproperty is the only 360° real estate solutions provider in Bangladesh. From taking care of legal aspects of your property to giving expert advice on your property or proper marketing, only Biproparty has the ability to do everything efficiently in the country.

What does “property listing” mean?

It means adding your property to an online platform so that potential buyers or tenants, who want to buy or rent a home, can get find your house or apartment from anywhere in the world through the internet. Listing your property on an online platform is not a difficult task at all. And there is no possibility of your property getting any negative impact while it is listed there. Rather, the chances of your property being rented or sold get multiplied!

How do I list my property on Bproperty?

List your property page on Bproperty
Start listing your property from this page

Thanks to Biproperty, listing properties online has become very simple. You can list your property on Bproperty from the comforts of your home. To do this, first, click on the “Add your property” option in the Property Management tab of the Bproperty website. This will take you to the “list your property” page which looks like the image below.

You can easily begin the process of adding your property to the property list by filling out the form on the page. Here are the information that you will need to fill out the form:

First, you need to provide your name and contact number. You can then add an email address if you want. 

The name does not have to be yours or someone to whom this property is registered to. You can delegate the responsibility to your manager or representative. That’s why you have to select the user type. This means you have to select the role of the registrar or the person who is responsible for selling or renting from here. By clicking on the box, you will get several options to select from the dropdown menu.

Bproperty has various types of residential and commercial properties including flats, plots, duplexes, apartments, offices, buildings, etc.. Select the type of property you want to add from the cell.

Now it’s time to select your area. First, start typing the name of the district where your property is located. Currently, although most of the properties are in big areas like Dhaka, Savar, Tongi, Purbachal, Chittagong, you can add properties from anywhere in the country on our website if you want. Once the district is selected, start typing exactly where your property is located in the next cell and select the area from there and finish the process by clicking the “submit” button.

Once submitted, you will see a pop-up like the one in the picture below. This means that the first step of listing your own property has been done successfully and the job from your part is done. Now we will contact you very quickly and collect detailed information, pictures, videos of the property. After that, we will assimilate all the data with your listing and start marketing your property on our website so that millions of people who come to look for the property every day can find your property easily. Our property advisors will inform potential buyers or tenants who are looking for similar properties as well.

Successful submission message on Bproperty
You will get a message like this after successfully submitting the information

Nowadays, new investors are becoming more and more enthusiastic about investing in the real estate sector. Also, the tendency to look for properties is growing day by day. And people are leaning towards online platforms for help. So it would be only wise to list your property on Bproperty. 

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