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When buying or selling property, it is common to seek the advice of real estate advisors. Even though the concept is very new in our country, it is the only way you can buy or sell property in developed nations. Which makes it important that you avoid incompetent real estate agents. A good agent can make real estate transactions feel like a breeze. But a bad real estate agent would make the process of buying and selling property laborious, tiring, and painful. To ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of hiring an incompetent real estate agent, there are some telltale signs that you need to know to identify them. Here, we have listed 5 traits that come with being an unprofessional real estate agent.

Lack of Priority

Before buying a house
The client comes first

A real estate agent’s main objective is to prioritize your needs and requirements when buying or selling property. Even when you are unsure of what you want, a real estate agent’s job is to poke and prod you with questions about your requirements till they figure out the perfect deal for you. And not only that, but they should be listening attentively to every word you say, and every comment that you make.

However, if you see that your advisor is not paying any attention to you, and just wants to sell an apartment to you desperately, then back away. An incompetent real estate agent will never prioritize your needs above his, and would never pay proper attention to your needs and requirements. 

Inability to Provide 360° Support

Man entering the room through a door
All-round support capabilities can make or break an agent

‘360° Support’ is a buzz-term that has gained popularity recently. It means providing all-round services that encompass the whole field in which the service is being provided. And in the field of real estate, where huge sums of money are involved, the necessity of 360° support is all the more important.

An incompetent real estate agent will never be able to provide such support. Such an agent would just introduce the seller to the buyer and consider that a job well done. On the other hand, an experienced property expert would not only be with you when viewing the property, but would look after the legal hassles that come with properties, up until the property is handed over to you.

Untidy and Inept in their Work

Man working in construction
Tidiness is a must for real estate agents

As you work with such agents, their incompetence will slowly unfold. In a digital world like ours, you would expect real estate agents to be available for inquiries whenever needed. An adept, experienced agent will be quick to answer your questions and clear any queries. However, incompetent real estate agents will show their incompetence in these very moments. Nothing they do will be of a professional level. Either they will stall you or take up much of your valuable time when answering your questions, or they won’t be able to provide you with proper solutions to your problems.

Problem with Communication

Man handing over check
Communication is key

A real estate agent should be available as per your needs at all times. After all, buying or selling property is no small matter. And you might require the services of an agent at any time of the day. The problem begins when your agent can’t seem to find time for you. If you cannot communicate with your agent and avail his services at the time of your need, then it is time to change your agent. Get someone who is adept and competent. Someone who will value your time, and prioritize your needs.

Fraudulent Practices

A man drawing a line depicting growth

Be wary of fraudulent practices

This is the most obvious trait of an incompetent real estate agent. These are the agents that you steer clear of. If you feel that your agent is being dishonest with you, or has a history of unethical practices, it is time to let them go. Dishonest real estate practices can be of any nature. It could be that your agent is hiding important facts from you, or is overstating how good the property is, or even maybe leaving out glaring issues with the property just so that you make a quick purchase. Whatever it may be, it will surely affect you in the future. 

These 5 tips will help you identify an incompetent real estate agent in no time. Our country is filled with such agents. Which is why you require the best real estate services. Fear not, Bproperty is here with comprehensive, 360° real estate services just for you. The largest real estate marketplace operates both online and offline, with thousands of properties listed on the site. Bproperty will help you with buying and selling, renting and letting, legal and financial issues. If you are looking for competent, adept, and trustworthy agents, look no further than Bproperty. 

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