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Did we get to enjoy 2020 yet? Not really. We will need a few more months to really know what 2020 has offered. For the last few months, I’ve been thinking bout interior design schemes and themes, and have been browsing Pinterest, Instagram, and a few of the most famous websites for the latest interior design trends. No matter what your budget is, you’d love to incorporate the latest interior design trends into your home. This is why we are bringing you a list of the latest interior design trends for the year 2020. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

A new wave of changes is coming to interior design

The Color Pink

You’ve always wanted a pink room, like most other 11-year-olds. Right? Adults generally shy away from pink, but recent changes in interior design trends have seen an uptick in the color pink being incorporated into home decor. But it’s not the pink that we knew as a child. Baby pink is trendy now. Many people add a splash of pink to their homes with pink furniture as well.


The interior design trends of 2020 aren’t just limited to color. Textures are a big thing now. Combining textures with color can have a huge impact on your home decor. And that’s not just for the walls. Different textures of fabrics can also change up the look of your furniture – from living room cushions and going all the way to bedsheets. You can also use plants to incorporate textures.

Social Corner

This might sound like a new concept, but it is one of the most popular interior design trends of the year 2020. Having a coffee bar or tea bar in the corner of living rooms can make for a great place to socialize. This is more commonly seen abroad. These coffee corners will have all the ingredients needed to make coffee or tea. And you know what they say, coffee and conversation go hand in hand. 

Less Is More

The general holiday has made us realize that we’re only buying what we need, and nothing more. Why not incorporate that into our home decor as well? It goes well with the ‘Less Is More’ theme. So, only buy the furniture that you really need.

Multiple Kitchen Cabinet

Even before the year began, kitchen cabinets started to change in many ways. There are various forms of kitchen cabinets. Before, you would find a few cabinets in the kitchen. But, now, the number of cabinets is a lot more than before. You would find kitchens that are filled with them. The more cabinets you have in your kitchen, the more space you have to keep things in. They’re also a big part of kitchen decor.

Less is more


We’ve always thought less is more! But recent interior design trends say otherwise. Maximalism is the new trend of the year. Everything looks better when it is more intense, more blown out, and exaggerated. And this concept goes for everything, including the color of your walls as well as furniture.

Large Windows

Windows and doors were never considered a major part of home decor before. Especially large doors and windows, which would only be seen in entrances. But large doors and windows are trending now. Many people are changing their entrance doors and making them larger. Large doors and windows add an expansive feeling to any room.

Concrete Bathroom

Mosaic and tiles are a common sight in bathrooms. But recently, concrete bathrooms have seen a surge in popularity. Even large hotel chains have been using this design. Concrete bathrooms have this raw, natural feeling within them. You will see them in many homes now. Concrete bathrooms have this large spacious feel.

Animal Print

Starting from what you wear to the curtains and fabrics inside your home, animal prints are making a resurgence. You will see them in many places inside a home. From sofa covers to rugs, you will see animal prints everywhere!

Bold Paints

Choosing the perfect shade of paint for the walls of your home can be a daunting task. Recent interior design trends suggest going for bold shades of paint. Black and red are two very bold colors. Darker shades are in trend now!

Velvet Fabric

Be it the sofa covers or cushions, velvet is trendy now. It adds a touch of class and sophistication to your home decor. If you’re looking for luxury decor, velvet fabric is the way to go.

Interior design trends are always changing, which is why we did today’s article to keep you updated with the latest trends. Do let us know how you liked the interior design trends of 2020 in the comments!

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