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Change is constant; regardless of it being about a person or city. Dhaka has gone through many incarnations, affecting both the lives of its people and the makeup of the areas within. This transformation of life in Dhaka and its areas is apparent when you look at Khilgaon. Khilgaon has rapidly gone from being just another area in Dhaka to being one of the more popular places. Life in Khilgaon now is quite different from that of even just a decade ago. So today we’ll be looking at how life changed for the people living in Khilgaon and try to speculate what lies ahead.

Fluid Connectivity

Flyovers are some of the biggest advantages of living in Khilgaon
The Khilgaon Flyover connects the area to Basabo, Goran, Malibagh, Shahjahanpur and Motijheel in the West

People who recently started living in Khilgaon will have a hard time imagining the area with terrible connectivity. Two flyovers flank both sides of the area today. However, that wasn’t always the case. Even just two decades ago residents used to dread traveling to other parts of the area from Khilgaon due to broken roads and terrible traffic jams.

The unveiling of the Khilgaon Flyover in 2005 sparked a great change for the area. It immediately increased the connectivity of the area several folds while simultaneously signaling further infrastructural development. As a result, the price of real estate also increased in Khilgaon. Particular attention was given to the reconstruction of the roads. Development of the second flyover, Malibagh Flyover, made Khilgaon a contender for one of the most accessible areas in Dhaka. The flyovers have been some of the most successful development projects in Dhaka. This connectivity is expected to increase even further as there are plans to build a second  Mass Rapid Transport in addition to the one currently under construction. The metro rail will travel from Uttara to Motijheel, and have a station beside Khilgaon, making both connectivity and life in Khilgaon better.

Booming Restaurant Business

Life in Khilgaon is great thanks to restaurants
Restaurants in Khilgaon are at the heart of nightlife for the residents

One of the biggest advantages of living in Khilgaon is the food. The sudden rise in demand for shops in Khilgaon is largely due to the popularity of the restaurants there. While restaurants in Dhanmondi or Banani have always been popular with people, the food industry in Khilgaon is booming. For a long while, Khilgaon’s fame regarding food came from the Chotpoti & Fuchka available in Taltola Market. People from nearby areas such as Malibagh and Basabo, as well as those living in Khilgaon, visit these Fuchka shops to indulge in them.

Khilgaon is still famed for those Chotpoti shops, but the variety of foods available in the area has increased dramatically. These restaurants began to flourish with the increase of nearby schools and colleges. Eateries and coffee shops in the area offered inexpensive meals to students and anyone looking for a place to hang out. As more and more people took a liking to the food offered there, it attracted a lot of investors, and many new places sprang up. The growth of restaurant businesses in Khilgaon is still going strong with no hint of letting down, making life in Khilgaon, delicious.

Multitude of Amenities

Living in Khilgaon allows access to great schools
The Pollima Shangshad has garnered a well-deserved reputation for themselves

Several amenities determine the quality of a neighborhood such as good educational institutions and medical facilities. Without them, the residents are left at a disadvantage where they have to travel far for necessities. While Khilgaon has never been an area that lacks such amenities, recently, the number has certainly increased. People living in Khilgaon today enjoy a host of amenities.

One of the biggest reasons for living in South Dhaka is the presence of prestigious Educational Institutions in the vicinity. The National Ideal School and College in the heart of Khilgaon is such an institution. Khilgaon also hosts one of the foremost diabetes hospitals in Dhaka, the Khidmah Hospital. People from as far as Mirpur come to Khilgaon to get checked up by the doctors at Khidmah Hospital. The cultural center Pollima Shangshad is a very popular place in the area. Singing, dancing, acting, and even self-defense classes are regular fixtures of the center. The Taltola Market is a great place to find home essential items as well as groceries. These amenities play a key role in making life in Khilgaon a pleasant one.

Rising Real Estate Demand

Life in Khilgaon is serene
Khilgaon is one of the most affordable areas to live in Dhaka

The demand for real estate in Khilgaon has skyrocketed over the last few years. Everyone wants to either rent or buy a flat in Khilgaon. There are quite a few reasons for such demand, and some of it has already been mentioned in the article like great accessibility, abundant amenities, and thriving foodie culture. These are strong driving forces behind the appeal of the area. Adding to these points is the amazing affordability of the flats in Khilgaon.

Before all the vital development of the area began, the value of real estate in Khilgaon, as well as demand, was quite low. That quickly changed when the construction of the first flyover began. The value and demand of flats in the area have steadily been rising ever since thanks to the many new features and infrastructural development. And even though the demand continues to increase, it is still one of the most affordable areas in Dhaka. There have been quite a few real estate developments in the area recently to meet the demand of the people. The area today is becoming filled with beautiful modern apartments.

Life in Khilgaon has changed a lot over the years, and the future of the area is bright. Many who invested in real estate in Khilgaon early have benefited greatly from all this development. Moreover, as the area grows even further, who knows what lies ahead.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Khilgaon? Were you a witness to all the changes in the area? Let us know in the comments section below

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