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The grandeur of Khulna can truly be experienced through the amicable lifestyle and culture of the people who reside in it. There is so much more to the serene city than one realizes at the first visit but the subtlety of the city grows on you. The city has all the potential to become an economical boomtown of the future, considering all the prospects and initiatives that have been taken so far. However, the most enthralling aspect of the city is all the appealing factors that made the city alluring. Here are the reasons why I love Khulna.

Lifestyle and People

People at a fair in Khulna
People at a fair in Khulna

People along with their lifestyles, cultures, and individualities are who define and shape a city. If you want to know a city, just observe the people. That being said, Khulna is filled with cordial and kind-hearted people renowned for their hospitality. If you go to Khulna for the first time and happen to be a guest, you will be stunned by their geniality and generosity.

Aside from their hospitality, the Khulna people’s lifestyle is also very subtle. Along with a day job, the majority of the people are involved with some kind of business. Which is no surprise considering Khulna is the third-largest industrial city of Bangladesh. Various industries, ranging from jute to biscuits, are scattered across the city. Despite the workaholic lifestyle, the overall city has a subtle vibe to it and this subtlety is the very thing that makes the city tranquil, peaceful, and serene making this is one of the reasons why I love Khulna so much.

Roads and Traffic

Junction at khulna
The roads in Khulna are calm and serene

Speaking of the reasons why I love Khulna if you are a person who despises spending hours stuck in traffic or traveling on a terrible road, Khulna is surely a treat to visit. Now it may seem like an odd thing to love about a city or any city for that matter but for a resident of Dhaka, smoother roads with little to no traffic is a dream to live by. The road infrastructure inside the main city of Khulna is excellent. In most cases, the roads are wider, smoother, and well organized with road signs. So traveling from point A to point B inside the city is way smoother than in other megacities like Dhaka and Chattogram. That gives people plenty of time to indulge in other productive work.


Chef cooking food
A chef preparing local delicacies

Food is what most of us live for. Okay, this may be a little bit of a stretch but there is no denying that everyone loves a little food in their lives. If you happen to feel the same way, then Khulna will not disappoint. Among its vast array of local cuisines, ‘Chui Jhal’ is the most popular, even outside the city. If you ever happen to try a Chui Jhal dish, chances are you will go for a second round. All the mouth-watering dishes including the mutton and beef items made with Chui Jhal are just irresistible. From the aroma to the taste of the dish, this local cuisine is all you want in your platter.

And for dessert lovers, sweets from Shatkhira Ghosh Dayeri or Indromohan Sweets (which is the oldest sweets shop in Khulna) will please your taste buds. Considering all this, how can the food not be one of the reasons why I love Khulna?


Rupsha Bridge
Rupsha Bridge

Khulna is located by the Bhairab and Rupsha, two of the main rivers that connect Khulna to the Mongla port. But there is so much more to a river than just use as a pathway for transportation in Khulna. That is to say, there is no shortage of hot-spots for a boat ride or similar recreational purposes like fishing. You will be surprised by how a simple boat ride on the Rupsha or Bhairab can lighten your mood.

People here need no fancy recreational settlement to enjoy a beautiful evening either. For example, Rupsha Bridge is one of the most popular recreational spots for the people of Khulna as well as people outside the area. You will find plenty of people there enjoying the evening allure with their entire family. The rivers in Khulna are clearly some of the reasons why I love Khulna.


The beautiful Sundarbans

It is almost impossible to discuss the things I love about Khulna without mentioning The Sundarbans. Khulna is the official gateway to the largest mangrove forest in the world. The magnificence of this natural phenomenon is beyond words. The divine beauty of The Sundarbans can truly be experienced over a 3 or 5 day cruise ride. Opt for one if you really want to experience the best of what Sundarban can offer.

No matter how much I try, there will always be something left to say about the place and the reasons why I love Khulna. So the best way to relate is to head on over and truly experience it for yourself.

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