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We all have different plans when it comes to designing the interior of the house and making it beautiful. Just like painting the walls with the color of your choice and decorating the house with contrast curtains, placing mirrors in different parts of the house is also great for decorating the house. Keeping mirrors can completely change the look of the house.

If you have wooden furniture in the interior of your room, then a wooden frame mirror is sure to make a difference in the beauty of the room. Rod iron or bamboo frame mirrors also give a very creative look to the design of the room. Which will depend entirely on your fancy and ideas on interior design. But let’s find out the details of how to use the mirror in different ways.

Plain mirror

Decorative Mirror in white background

There are different types of mirrors depending on the type, but the most common or plain glass mirror we usually see. In the case of a reflection or image shown in a plain mirror, its feature is that the object on the other side seen through this mirror looks exactly like it does in reality. Even the distance of the object from the mirror looks the same, not too close or too far. And according to the normal rules, it is seen in the form of right-left reverse shown in this mirror, that is, if it is right hand, it will show left in the mirror, or if it is left, it will show right

If the drawing or living room space is small, you can use this kind of plain mirror to make it look bigger. Although the mirror glass is plain in style, you can add variety to its frame and design if you want, which will double the beauty of your room. You can buy a long, round or rectangular mirror depending on the type and size of the room and the shape of the mirror that will be suitable for the room. But you don’t just have to buy it, you have to understand the right wall and set it. Make sure that there is nothing left on the wall where the mirror is installed. However, if you want, you can put tall or medium-size home plants in front of the walls. The presence of a little green in white glass will look great. But no matter what kind of mirror you use, it should be artistic. Just as it will bring nobility to the look of the house, the guests will also get to know your taste and fancy.

Acrylic mirror

Round Shaped Mirror

The use of such acrylic mirrors in place of glass mirrors is quite popular. Which is placed on a kind of acrylic sheet. The biggest advantage of this mirror is its durable ability, which does not break easily. Although the glass of ordinary mirrors breaks a little, the acrylic mirror is quite strong. And so even if you put this mirror on a high wall, there is nothing to fear.

Plastic mirror

For those who are worried about installing mirrors, especially if the mirror is for children’s rooms, it is better to install a plastic mirror. Glass mirrors are more likely to break. The risk is a bit high, especially when it comes to children’s rooms. So, in that case, you can use a plastic mirror instead of glass. As the price of a plastic mirror is not so high, it is possible to buy it at a lower cost. Although it may not look as beautiful as a glass mirror, this type of mirror is best for children to place in the corner of the room.

Flip mirror

In the case of such mirrors, two mirrors of the same size are held together at an angle of 90 degrees. This is designed so that the object on the opposite side of the mirror can be seen in the same way from the junction of the two mirrors. It seems that it is not two different mirrors, but a large mirror. Such mirrors are most commonly used in bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Door mirror

Wooden Framed Mirror

It is often seen that the size of the room is so small that there is not enough space for a dressing table or wall mirror. In that case, a door mirror can be the perfect solution. You don’t need any extra space for the door mirror. If you want to set it inside the bathroom or on the bedroom door, you must first see how durable the door is. The door must be made of wood to set the door mirror. And its shape should be equal to the door in terms of length. The glass is a little lighter for this type of mirror, as it is easier to fit with screws. And the best part of this mirror is that you can see it in full from head to toe. As a result, this type of mirror is very useful to be ready when going out of the house.

Two-way mirror

Such mirrors have glass on both sides. Which has a thin coating on one side, which creates a reflection in the glass of the object on the opposite side of the mirror. Through which you can see your normal reflection from inside the room. However, you can not understand that you can see from the opposite side of the mirror. But those on the other side of the room will be able to see you. Such mirrors are usually used for police interrogation rooms or security needs.

But there is another type of two-way mirror, which you can place on a table or a specific shelf. Even if your reflection is normal on one side, looking at the glass on the other side will make you look like you are zooming in or out.

Concave or convex mirror

Concave Mirror

Convex mirrors are a bit different than ordinary mirrors. The difference between a convex mirror and a normal mirror is that the light is slightly curved and falls on the object on the opposite side. Such mirrors are not suitable for the home. This mirror is usually placed at the top of the pillar at a certain corner of the road so that a reflection of an object coming from a distance falls on the mirror.

On the other hand, looking in the concave mirror is like seeing your reflection on a spoon. Such mirrors usually have a focal point. When you look at it from a distance, you will feel the opposite

Looking at the reflection. However, as soon as you come near the mirror, you will see that the object is seen in the mirror in a very large shape. This type of mirror is used more by dentists for the convenience of their work.

There are many types of mirrors depending on the type and requirements. For the interior of the house, you should buy a mirror considering the shape of the room and the purpose for which it is being kept. Because buying any type of mirror without realizing it may not be suitable for your room. So before buying a mirror, it is very important to know the different types and uses.

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