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In this robotic lifestyle of ours, it is hard to make time for relaxation. After a long hectic day, a bit of relaxation is what we all need. For some, it might be the bed where they seek comfort and for others it might be their favorite relaxing seater. But as there are a lot of options to choose from, finding the right relaxing seater can be challenging. Because not only do they have to fulfill your needs in terms of comfort, they have to seamlessly blend with your decoration as well. Today, we are going to discuss different types of relaxing seaters, their prices, and where to find them.

Different types of relaxing seaters

White table lamp beside a lounge chair
A lot of options to choose from

From the bean bag to the adjustable recliner, there is no shortage of relaxing seaters in the market. While they all are meant to serve the same purpose, their usage may be different. Here are 7 different types of relaxing seaters

Classic Loungers

A white classic lounge chair with cushion
These chairs are suitable for both the office and for home use

Classic loungers have no handles. The backside of the chair is fixed in a permanently reclined position. Although the leaning position is fixed, the curvy shape of these chairs puts your body in a position that helps relieve your body from fatigue. These chairs are suitable for both the office and for home use.

Chaise Lounges

Unlike the traditional lounge chairs, Chaise lounges are shaped like divans. By definition, Chaise Lounge means “Long Chair”. As it stretches out completely, there is no need for an ottoman for leg support. It may or may not have handles on both sides. Along with providing comfort, these chairs can also enhance the decoration of the home or office.

Arm Chairs and recliners

Arm Chair
Arm Chairs can add a little extra to your interior

These are padded chairs with two arms. They have the same design as ordinary chairs but are more comfortable to sit on. Recliners on the other hand are focused on adjustability and comfort. Although Arm Chairs are available and can be found in most shops, these have long been overshadowed by recliners, which are more versatile and in general, more comfortable.

Club Chairs

Although these are inspired by the lounge chair, club chairs can be identified by their low backs and deep seats. The seat is padded with comfy materials. These types of chairs are more common in clubs and various shops or showrooms.

Poolside Chairs

Besides swimming pools, these chairs can fit nicely in a veranda or on roofs. Designwise it is a lot like a classic lounge chair, but is more suitable for outdoor use.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are very popular in Bangladesh. It is portable so it can be kept anywhere in the house. These are quite comfortable to sit or lie down in. Bean bags are suitable for people of all ages. And if you want to create a relaxing corner inside your house, just throw a bean bag in there.

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are not new. They have been here for a long time and are known to have been used as early as the 1700s. But for most of us, it is our grandpa’s relaxing chairs. Materials or designs of the rocking chair may have changed over time but the popularity has remained the same.

Where to place them

A blue lounge chair
You can place it where you spend the most portion of your time

There are different types of furniture for your home decor. Furniture made of fashionable and sleek materials which take up less space is more popular nowadays. Different types of relaxing seaters also fall in the same category. It has been seen that these relaxing sitters are being used instead of sofas in the living room. You can choose any seater to match the decor of the house. That said, from the living room to your bedroom or balcony, you can place these seaters anywhere. 

Prices and where to find

Arm chair with an ottoman
A number of places inside Dhaka can offer you a variety of relaxing seaters

Much of your home decor depends on how your furniture looks! And relaxing seaters can definitely add to that. But where to find a fashionable relaxing sitter? Besides branded shops, you can also find these in:

Gulshan DCC Market, Rokeya Sarani, Shewrapara, Kataban, Panthapath, and Townhall market, Mohammadpur. You can also buy these through online platforms. Many Facebook pages are also importing these products from outside but you have to pre-order them before you can get them. In this case, the price will be higher.

Price – You can get bean bags starting from BDT 11,000, Lounge Chairs from BDT 16,000, Club Chairs or Arm Chairs from BDT 10,000. And you can get Rocking Chairs starting from BDT 8,000. However, the price may vary depending on the material and brand.

There you have it. These are the things that you need to know about different types of relaxing seaters. Relaxing seaters are blessings for those who do not find comfort anywhere else. You just have to choose the right one.

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