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A new year usually breathes in a new life to the capital. The people and the city feel rejuvenated during this time. They are ready to shed last year’s tiredness and engage in all sorts of events to welcome the New Year. Even before the New Year’s party is properly finished, get ready for a month full of activities to enjoy. While there are plenty of amazing places to visit in Bangladesh during winter, today we’ll be highlighting only those events in Dhaka that will be held during January. So let’s see what programs and fairs that are stored for you in the month of January.

A Night of Comedy Extravaganza – January 3

One of the best events in january for comedy shows
Enjoy the stand-up comedy of Bangladesh’s best comedians

If you like good stand-up comedy then get ready of January 3rd. That is because Naveed’s Comedy Club is organizing two back-to-back stand-up comedy events in Chef’s Table that is sure to tickle your bones. The night will begin with an open mic event at 7 pm which will go on for an hour. During that hour, many new talented stand-up comics will no doubt entertain you as you indulge in delicious foods. Following that, get ready to laugh until you burst as you watch live some of Bangladesh’s best stand-up comedians perform. The event will be hosted by one of Bangladesh’s most hilarious comedians, Naveed Mahbub and will also feature Istiak Nasir Rajon. For any fan of stand-up comedy, this is one of the must-see events in January.

Bangladesh Premier League – January 5 Onward

BPL is one of the popular events in Dhaka for cricket lovers
The month-long tournament is always full of surprises and action

If there’s one thing that almost the entire country is passionate about, then that is cricket. Cricket is more than just a sport to us. People from every walk of life enjoy watching Bangladesh cricket team play. That is why the Bangladesh Premier League or BPL is one of the most anticipated events in January. Two of the four phases of the tournament will be played entirely in the Sher-E-Bangla stadium in Mirpur. Everyone in the city will be able to enjoy the matches sitting in the venue. The tournament is a great platform for the emerging talented cricket players of the country to showcase themselves. BPL will begin on January 5th and will go on for the entire month and beyond.

Dhaka International Trade Fair – January 9 Onward

DITF is very popular and one of the crowded events in January
DITF is one of the more popular events in Dhaka where thousands of people each day visit DITF to buy items

One of the more popular and anticipated events in Dhaka this January is the Dhaka International Trade Fair or DITF. The DITF brings a vast array of assortments from all over the world to Dhaka. You can get all kinds of items, from small trendy home decor items to giant trucks in the fair! While people don’t really buy items such as trucks from the fair, they do buy many small to large items. DITF is an extravagant exhibition of almost every item imaginable. People from all over the city visit the fair to buy as well as view these items. This is one of the most popular events in Dhaka that adds another location to all the existing great places to visit in Mirpur.

Dhaka International Film Festival – January 10 to18

Film festivals are great events in january for film buffs
View some of the best engaging and thought-provoking moving in the world

The 17th annual Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) is about to take place this January. This very prestigious event showcases some of the most critically-acclaimed films from all over the world, including Bangladesh. The film festival will be held throughout Dhaka. The National Museum, Shilpokala Academy, the public library auditorium, and Alliance Francaise de Dhaka will be a part of this. More than 200 films will be shown during this prestigious event and will be held from January 10th to 18th. Some of the best movies the world has to offer will be shown during this time. The first showing of the day will begin at 10:30 am each day and last one at 7:30 pm.

Burger Festival – January 12 to 14

Taste some juicy burgers at the festival
Taste some juicy burgers at the festival

Here’s one of the more anticipated events in January that is perfect for people in Uttara who love to eat. The burger festival in White Hall is ‘THE’ place for you to taste a variety of burgers from different places. A number of burger joints will set up stalls for foodies to indulge in. You’ll also get to enjoy various bands perform live at the venue. It is an event full of delicious burgers and music to go with. The burger festival will be held from January 12 to January 14. You can visit this burger fest to enjoy the food & music during those days any time between 11 am and 9 pm.

Shakrain Festival – January 14

Spend a magical day in Old Dhaka an enjoy the fireworks
Spend a magical day in Old Dhaka an enjoy the fireworks

It is one of the most iconic events in Bangladeshi culture. This particular event, full of kites and fireworks, celebrates the end of winter. It is a day unlike any. While people all over the country celebrate this day, it is the image of Old Dhaka or ‘Puran Dhaka’ that is mostly associated with the festival. People begin to fly their colorful kites from sun up and sing & dance throughout the day. As the day winds down and the sun starts to set, the fireworks begin to light up the sky! People from all over the city go to Puran Dhaka to witness all the festivities first-hand.

A Thousand Tales: Second Group Art Exhibition – January 25 to 28

See artworks from some very promising artists of Bangladesh
See artworks from some very promising artists of Bangladesh

The art scene in Bangladesh is thriving at the moment. There are a number of art galleries in Dhaka, Drik Gallery among them, that host some of the best artworks in the country. Bangladesh is filled with talented artists who just need a platform to showcase their pieces of art. The ‘A Thousand Tales: Second Group Art’ Exhibition blends art with stories. It will tell the many diverse and inspirational stories of today’s world through art. For any art appreciated, this is one of the best events in Dhaka to view some great artworks. The exhibition will be held from January 25 to 28 at the Drik Gallery.

January is a very happening month. The entire month is full of things to do and places to visit. So don’t confine yourself within your home; go outside and enjoy all the events in Dhaka.

Which event in Dhaka are you excited about the most in the upcoming month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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