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Whether you work for one of the renowned developers of Bangladesh or an individual trying to sell a property, no one is above making a mistake. A single word or phrase can drive away a potential buyer or tenant with a genuine interest in your property, and even one of the best properties of the month may lose its appeal. However, it’s not the meaning of the words, but words themselves that create a negative perspective of the property. How do you ensure that it doesn’t happen to you? By simply avoiding them! But to avoid using them, you first need to know what those words are. So let’s take a look at 10 real estate buzzwords to avoid when selling a property in Bangladesh.

1. Down the Lane

a anarrow alley
Cities in Bangladesh are full of alleyways

The distance of your property from the street can play a major role in its attractiveness. Some prefer to live far from the main road while others near. But when you mention that the property is ‘down the lane’ many assume that it’s far from the main road. This seemingly harmless description can be the reason for losing a potential buyer or tenant.

2. On the Main Road

Coincidently, one of the other major real estate buzzwords to avoid in Bangladesh is ‘on the main road’. Property owners usually use the phrase to indicate that the property is right next to the main road which allows easy accessibility. Unfortunately, this can have an adverse effect. Even if your property is bombarded with dust and sound from the main road, people will assume nonetheless. As such, it is better to use another word to describe the property’s location like ‘next to the road’.

3. State-of-the-Art

a modern living room
Modern homes require a lot of functionality

The phrase ‘state-of-the-art’ usually means cutting edge or the latest technology. In real estate, that would mean using the latest materials and items to build a home. Or in case of ready flats, they can be added features that enable the resident to live in a smart home. But sellers have misused the phrase to exaggerate basic features such as functioning toilets. As a result, buyers today view the word with skepticism.

4. Commercial-Turned-Residential

While this is not a buzzword per se, it is something that when mentioned can put off many potential buyers and tenants. Using a residential property for a commercial purpose isn’t viewed in any sort of negative way, but the same cannot be said when the table is turned. This is particularly true when letting flats in Bangladesh. Even though there is no downside to letting a property for commercial purposes, as most property owners repaint, fix, and clean up every part of the property; people still have a negative outlook to it.

5. The Floor below the Roof

This is one of the absolute no-nos of real estate buzzwords to avoid. People still believe, with good reason, that the top floor has a lot of problems such as excessive heat. However, most of the modern buildings today install insulated ceilings on the top floor to prevent heat. As a result, the resident can actually enjoy the benefits of living on the top floor without the adversities. There’s a reason why people around the globe prefer penthouses after all.

6. In Developing area

Construction land
Development is always ongoing in Bangladesh

This is considered one of the red flags when selling property in Bangladesh. To many buyers, the word ‘developing area’ is synonymous with ‘under-developed area’. Unless you are selling property in Purbachal New Town or similar area, they quickly dismiss the property even if the location has a growing community.

7. The Price is below the Market Standard

Here’s one of the real estate buzzwords to avoid that people often think will help sell the property quickly but has the opposite effect. Whenever someone mentions that the property price is ‘below the market standard’, we instantly wonder ‘there must be something wrong with it’. This paranoia or skepticism is very understandable as there are many records of people selling properties riddled with problems at a significantly reduced price. Which is why if your property is in tip-top condition and free of any legal or structural issue, then avoid using this phrase.

8. Unique

The word ‘unique’ can mean a lot of things. It can mean exceptional, artistic, or unorthodox. But when it comes to property, it usually means a property with unattractive design. A ‘unique’ property probably has many disseminating features that often put off prospective buyers and is probably more to the owner’s unique taste than anything. So when you are thinking about using an adjective to describe a property, stay clear of this buzzword.

9. Built on Top of XX Number of Pillars

construction of a building
Pillar provide the necessary strength to hoist buildings

You should avoid this phrase more so for lack of knowledge among the masses rather than any other reason as people rarely have the necessary information or idea to properly judge the ‘right number’ of pillars in a property. And since this varies quite a lot, depending on the property, it’s better to stay clear of mentioning it.

10. Old Fashioned

The last of our real estate buzzwords to avoid in our list is ‘old fashioned’.  This word, when used to describe a property, tell the potential buyer that the property is not updated with the latest facilities or features. While aspects like generator or lift are disclosed outright, things like wiring and earthing wire might not be present. For modern homes that use all sorts of smart gadgets, this can be very problematic.

Now you must be thinking, with all these words to avoid when selling property, are there words that should be used that make your property more attractive? There definitely is! But that’s for another time. For now, I hope these 10 real estate buzzwords to avoid when selling property in Bangladesh will help you lessen your chances. And there’s always the option of Bproperty to help you out.

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