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The process of renting a home can be complicated. On the one hand, there is the long and tedious process of finding the desired tenant, on the other, you also have to manage and prepare all the legal documentation. But, nowadays, people don’t want to go through that much hassle. Most people wish to have everything ready at their fingertips. And with the advancement of technology, it quickly becomes a demand for the people of this modern age. Keeping that in mind, Bproperty, the only property solutions provider in Bangladesh, has made the overall process of renting a house easy and simple for landlords. Here are 6 essential benefits of listing your house on Bproperty for renting.

Property marketing

to-let sign
Bproperty will market your property free of charge

Most of us still think that it is enough to put up a ‘To-let’ sign outside a house to get a tenant. But the people of metropolitan cities like Dhaka and Chattogram think otherwise. A large portion of them goes online to look for a property first. They want to get as much information as they can including photos, videos, locations, and descriptions of the property. And only after being satisfied with what they found do they start making plans for a visit.

As a result, our traditional way of finding tenants is becoming somewhat obsolete day-by-day. The ‘To-let’ sign is losing its grip as the primary source of advertisement. To tackle this problem, Bproperty is providing landlords an array of services including marketing their property to a global audience. From our own standalone property website to Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms, your property will be marketed everywhere. That too free of charge. This is one of the biggest benefits of listing your house on Bproperty for renting.

Communicating with the tenants

a person talking over phone
You don’t have to worry about communicating with your prospective tenant

Giving a house tour or discussing the rent along with other issues over the phone becomes hectic and tedious, especially when you have to do it over and over again. Not to mention, it can also take up a considerable amount of your valuable time. All these hassles can increase significantly if the landlord lives in a different city.

One of the biggest benefits of listing your house on Bproperty for renting is that, as a landlord you don’t have to worry about communicating with your prospective tenants unless you want to. The rental department of Bproperty will take care of everything. They will acquire all the necessary information needed such as the rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, balcony, and so on. That way if a prospective tenant calls and asks for the information, our team of highly qualified agents will guide them through the entire process right down to the property viewing.

Vetting the tenant

Bproperty doesn’t compromise with the safety and security of your house

We know what your home means to you. We value the sentiment, time, and energy that you have put into your house. That is why Bproperty does not compromise on safety and security when it comes to finding an ideal tenant for you. From verifying their identity to vetting other important documents, our rental team takes every step carefully and cautiously. As a result, both parties become aware of what they are getting into. That way the landlord also gets relieved from the fear of security issues of their house. Of all the benefits of listing your house on Bproperty for renting, this one is surely amongst the most important.

Preparing the legal documents

people talking with pen and paper
Bproperty prepares all the necessary legal documentation for you

After getting a desirable tenant, preparing all the legal documents can be really complicated. Which includes rental agreements, bylaws, contracts about house repairments, and so on. During the preparation of these documents, it is important to have a discussion-review session in the presence of both parties. From preparing these legal documents to getting all the necessary signatures, Bproperty can help you get through the hassle of all these legal formalities. In effect, not only does this arrangement help to ensure the safety of the house, it also eliminates ambiguity over complicated issues.

Rules and regulations

people talking with per and paper
Bproperty ensures there remains no ambiguity over any anything

Both the landlord and the tenant have certain responsibilities. Through its service, Bproperty has already made a major leap forward when it comes to landlord-tenant negotiations. However, more than that, Bproperty has made it even easier to explain all the rules and regulations to both parties. That in turn, has made everything transparent. For example, if the window of the house gets broken, who will be responsible to fix it? Bproperty discusses these kinds of issues in the presence of both parties and prepares an agreement. As a result, both the landlord and the tenant become and remain aware of their responsibilities.

Assurance of getting a tenant

two people are hand shaking
Bproperty gives you the assurance of getting a new tenant

If your house is listed on Bproperty, every time a house becomes vacant Bproperty will take the responsibility of finding a new tenant for it. This relieves the landlord from the overall hassle of finding a new tenant. Besides, Bproperty is the country’s only fully-fledged property solutions provider with more than 55,000 listings in its database. And with more than 110,000 monthly visitors looking for houses to rent on our website, the assurance of getting a tenant is really high.

More often than not landlords face a lot of problems when it comes to renting their homes. Also, it can take up a significant portion of your time. So to make the entire process effortless Bproperty can offer you an array of services including marketing your property, preparing the necessary paperwork, and so on. On top of that, Bproperty ensures that your home doesn’t remain vacant for long. Like these, there are a lot of benefits of listing your house on Bproperty for renting. You just need to register your property on the Bproperty website.

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