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When it comes to food, we can hardly control ourselves; especially if we get a whiff of something delicious. There’s no questioning the passion we feel towards food. And if the mood strikes, we are not afraid to travel long distances to satisfy our appetite. So when Khilgaon started to gain fame a few years back as a place to taste great food, more and more people traveled to the area to indulge in what the restaurants there had to offer. Today, those restaurants in Khilgaon and the area overall are more popular than ever with new restaurants popping up every now and then. With so many places to eat in Khilgaon, where does one go to taste the very best foods they have?

Grill & Chaap – Khanadda

Khanadda is one of the best restaurants in Khilgaon for Grill and chaap
Customers can enjoy the food along with some live folk music performance in the evening

There’s something extraordinary about smoky barbecued meat and grilled meat that instantly makes us drool. If prepared properly, every bite brings unparalleled satisfaction and flavor to the taste buds. There are a number of restaurants in Khilgaon who claim to have the best grill and chaap in the area, but if you truly want to taste something savory then Khanadda is the place for you. Even the enticing aromas coming from the restaurant fail to do justice to the deliciousness of the foods inside. Even though Khannada opened relatively recently, it has climbed to the top for the quality of their food. It is the kind of place you’ll leave with a full stomach and the sensation of satisfaction.

Wedding Food – Tradition BD

Tradition BD's delicious food make them one of the best Khilgaon Restaurants
Tradition BD’s delicious food make them one of the best Khilgaon Restaurants

Tradition BD is one of the major restaurants in Khilgaon that is considered by many not just as the best place to have ‘wedding food’ in Khilgaon, but all of Dhaka; short of weddings themselves, but even that’s questionable. They serve all kinds of food that you’d usually find at weddings like polao, kacchi biriyani, and jorda. Tradition BD’s polao and chicken rezala platter, which is a staple food of most weddings, has gained the most fame for its exquisite taste. But every one of their items is just as delicious and costs very little. The combination of these two qualities ensures people keep coming back for more.

Burger Joint – Mr. Burger

Mr. Burger is one of the best Khilgaon restaurants for spicy burgers
Mr. Burger started out small but quickly gained popularity for its food quality

When we feel like eating fast food, we usually picture a juicy burger, perfectly spiced. Everyone has a different ‘perfect burger’. But it doesn’t matter what kind of burger your taste buds crave, there’s a good chance Mr. Burger will serve you something sensational! Mr. Burger has become one of the favorite places for burger lovers in nearby areas. It is also the right place for those who like their burgers spicy. Their spiciest burgers have brought them quite a bit of fame and made them a favorite of spice admirers.

Coffee Place – Popeyes

Popeyes is one of the best restaurants in Khilgaon for their coffees
Popeyes Coffee Shop played a major role in making Khilgaon a foodie zone

Popeyes is a coffee shop that brings joy to its customers by serving a variety of amazing coffee along with fast food. Their cold coffees, in particular, have made them a well-known establishment in Dhaka and helped them expand their business. Yet, it wasn’t Popeyes who started the trend of cold coffee in Khilgaon. The buzz was initially created by their competitor, Apon Coffee House. However, while Apon began the popularization of cold coffee in the area, it was Popeyes who perfected it. As such, it is our humble opinion that Popeyes should be considered one of the best restaurants in Khilgaon.

Jack of All Trades – Alfresco

When it comes to places to eat in Khilgaon, other places rarely match Alfresco's quality
When it comes to places to eat in Khilgaon, other places rarely match Alfresco’s quality

Along with Apon Coffee House, another establishment that had a big hand in the popularization of the area is Alfresco. Together they attracted a lot of attention and helped usher in great changes to the lifestyle of Khilgaon. Alfresco is well-known for serving a variety of delicious dishes. It is a master of great pastas, pizzas, soup as well as serving rice, meat and vegetable items. All their items look very appetizing and taste just the same. This trait makes them the perfect location to host a large gathering of people where everyone can order something different from a wide range of options. Their branch in Banani, which is becoming more and more popular day by day and will soon be among the most popular restaurants in Banani, their original outlet in Khilgaon is still the best.

Unlike eateries in most other areas, places to eat in Khilgaon have a certain charm to them that you can’t always put your finger on. But this charm, coupled with the amazing quality of food, puts them on par with restaurants in Dhanmondi. So if you are craving delicious food and have a flat in Khilgaon, you know where to go.

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