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Our pets are our family. There is no question about the importance they have in our lives. And that means, it is of the utmost necessity to keep a good eye on their healthcare. They can’t tell us when they feel sick, so it is important that we can read the signs and immediately take them to see a veterinarian. And in that case, it really is imperative you know where the best vets are for your beloved pets. So for those living in the capital city, here are some of the best vets in Dhaka.

Gulshan Pet Clinic

Gulshan Pet Clinic
A cozy place for a quick checkup

Having a pet has grown widely. This is heavily true in the more prominent locations of Gulshan and Banani. With so many pets now to be seen, where should you take them for their regular checkups? Gulshan Pet Clinic along the Gulshan 2 Market is a great place for a quick checkup. Though small and out of the way, your little friends will be handled with efficiency and care. There is a joint-service shop there to take care of all your pet-shopping needs as well, making it one of the best vets in Dhaka for your pet-ly desires.

PAW Life Care

For a caring and attentive doctor

An out of the way pet clinic, it’s easy to miss but you really don’t want to. The doctors and aides there are incredibly professional and yet show a sense of emotion that would stun you. The love and affection they show their patients is on another level so you never need to worry about how your little family member is doing. If you live near the area, PAW Life Care in Lalmatia next to Zakir Hossain Road is definitely one of the best vets in Dhaka to take your pet.

Care & Cure Veterinary Clinic

Care & Cure Veterinary Clinic
An experienced and popular clinic

Care & Cure Veterinary Clinic on Dhanmondi Road 7 has quickly become an incredibly popular place to take your pets. The name of Dr Saddam has spread wide across the country and he is known for his intuition, expertise, quick diagnosis, and effective treatment. Even patients from outside the local area go to him with their pets. It is definitely one of the best vets in Dhaka, but it doesn’t end there. There is also a little café with a huge area dedicated to taking care of animals, leaving your pet to play, and for you to grab a light snack while you watch your little friend playing around.

Teaching & Training Pet Hospital and Research Center

Teaching & Training Pet Hospital and Research Centre
The best equipped doctors for your pets

The premier vet for all animals in Dhaka, the Teaching & Training Pet Hospital and Research Center in Purbachal New Town, Sector 18, is a little difficult to reach without private transportation. However, it is undoubtedly one of the best vets in Dhaka. They have all the equipment you could need for your pets – sonograms, X-Rays with leaded suits, oxygen masks, etc. And their team of doctors is professional, caring, and highly alert. All sorts of checkups, operations, and treatments are available here. Even chemotherapy is available for more severe cases. The Teaching & Training Pet Hospital and Research Center is a branch of the original veterinary school in Chattogram and is equipped for almost any medical scenario that your pet might find themselves in.

Our pets are the loves of our lives. Their health and wellbeing is, without question, at the top of our priority lists. We spend forever creating a pet-friendly home for our little friends, but it is so important we know the best vets in Dhaka to ensure we are always prepared when they need us. So keep these few in mind the next time you need a visit. Good luck!

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