It’s been a whole month since the Bproperty Marketplace in Mirpur, popularly called the Mirpur Marketplace, opened. The opening event itself was a great success with curious faces everywhere and reporters buzzing with queries. The key question on everyone’s minds was: what should be expected from this new office place? And apart from the obvious answer of ‘business growth’, the primary answer to all renditions of this question was ‘engagement with the people of Mirpur interested in real estate’. So what has actually been achieved in the past month since the Mirpur Marketplace started operations?


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Our real estate experts show you the way strives for excellence in the way that it wants the absolute best experience for landlords, owners, buyers, sellers, developers… everyone involved in a real estate transaction or process. And with the opening of the Mirpur Marketplace, we are able to engage with people in the area more directly. Every day, more and more people walk through the doors to speak with the real estate experts present on-site.

Though our primary platform is on the internet and through a digital display, many people still feel more comfortable with physical engagement. Like our Bproperty Marketplace in Banani, our Mirpur Marketplace has drawn a lot of attention and praise. This has led to much more awareness and interaction with the brand.

But the Mirpur Marketplace functions as more than just a place to buy, sell and rent properties. It is a great place to have your questions answered; a place to understand the real estate better. It is a great place to become more informed about apartments prices in Dhaka. And though it is not meant for students to come and learn about real estate as a subject, it is a great place to learn enough to have a successful and fruitful deal.


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Our daily consumer stats are going strong

The opening of the Bproperty Marketplace in Mirpur has created a significant positive impact on people’s perception of the brand. This has in turn led to the gaining of a lot of trust and expectancy in Bproperty delivering on their promises. Given the most important aspect of real estate dealings in trust, we believe this is a great sign for our future.

We have been having a great year and the opening of the Bproperty Marketplace in Mirpur a month ago has boosted our brand growth, especially in the Mirpur area. The number of visitors, listings in our database and real estate transactions have all increased noticeably. This positive outcome strengthens our confidence in the plan for future Bproperty Marketplaces in every segment of the market.


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The future holds more engagement

What we expected from the Mirpur Marketplace was to create a bridge from the digital realm onto the physical front; we wanted those living in Mirpur to have a front-row seat to our brand. Though we move forward in our venture for complete digitization, physical marketplaces and a place for human interaction is an option that many stakeholders still desire. We expected the new Bproperty Marketplace in Mirpur to help usher in more people to come forward with their queries. And that is the result we have been seeing.

The people of Mirpur are steadily growing more aware of and more comfortable with the Bproperty name. We expect real estate knowledge and information to be disseminated better in the area. Hopefully, this will improve real estate dealings as a whole. Furthermore, we expect from the great outcome of this opening, that future Bproperty Marketplaces will have excellent results of their own.

All in all, the first month of the Bproperty Marketplace in Mirpur has gone wonderfully. The opening was great and the reactions of the locals have been welcoming and eager. This gives us hope for future ventures of the sort (which we might already have panned, so stay tuned in to find out). We wish you a happy property search and welcome you to come visit our Bproperty Marketplace in Mirpur!

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