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Chattogram – The port city, is one of the most lucrative assets not only in terms of economic importance, but also because it attracts a lot of tourists. It is the second largest city of Bangladesh. The whole Chattogram division consists of a large amount of rural areas, a golden sandy beach that is against a backdrop of clear blue sky, a series of green hills and several islands. Numerous shrines, monasteries, temples, colorful markets, delicious local food, amicable local people and a chain of mighty mountains make this city gorgeous.

If we make an overall rough comparison of the cost of living between Dhaka and Chattogram , it is about 10% cheaper than the capital. However, the city has developed a unique lifestyle. It’s considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating corners of the country.


In the past few years Chattogram showed a promising growth.

This city is already famous for trades and businesses. The port city is an important economic hub in South Asia. The Port of Chattogram is the largest international seaport on the Bay of Bengal. More than a third of Bangladesh’s economy comes from Chattogram . There are major industries in this city which helped their economy to grow immensely over decades. With creating opportunities for more foreign investments and local businesses over the years, Chattogram generated more employment opportunities making the living standard a bit higher.

Real estate in Chattogram has also developed over time and is doing really well. This is why areas like Nasirabad housing society, Hillview, and Khulshi give the vibe of living in a classy area of Dhaka.


Chattogram is famous for its hospitality culture which is a cherry on top with the city’s enriched food culture. The local people are known for going overboard with honoring their guests with exquisite and delicious food which includes the famous mezbaan beef, dry fish, musallam, khurma, kebab, etc.

Now-a-days Khulshi and Nasirabad are considered as prominent locations of Chattogram and are therefore considered great places to buy houses. There are also other areas like Pachlaish, Chawkbazar, Jamal Khan, and Agrabad. Among them Jamal Khan ward was declared as the healthiest ward of Chattogram City Corporation (CCC). A lot of change has been made to this area recently with beautification, cleanliness and development of modern facilities. On the other hand, Agrabad is considered as the commercial area of Chattogram which resembles Motijheel in Dhaka. Because of this, adjacent areas have also adopted an upgraded lifestyle.

Local chefs cooking the famous Mezbaan Beef


Chattogram University Campus is the biggest and most beautiful campus in town. But there are other mentionable educational institutions like East Delta University, the International Islamic University of Chattogram , Premier University, etc.

Chattogram University


The serene beauty of the green hills and Bay of Bengal is what makes this city uniquely beautiful. Among many landmarks, Cheragi Pahar catches eyes the most. There is Karnaphuli river, as beautiful as always. And if you are bored, there are beautiful places to visit in Chattogram like Cox’s Bazaar, Saint Martin Island, Bandarban, Naval Beach and Rangamati, Parki sea beach, Sajek Valley, Khaiyachara waterfall, Kaptai lake, Khagrachari, Halishohor beach, Bhatiary hill, Meghla, Sitakunda Eco park, Dula Hajara safari park, Foy’s lake, Himchori, and Inani just to name a few..

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