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Anyone who has lived in this country and has a fairly good knowledge of what is going around is familiar with the ongoing spread of real estate power. Bangladesh being as populated a country as it is, availability of properties for people to live and work in is crucial.

While not taking anything away from the importance of apartments or commercial properties, since the need and demand for them are equally high, there are still a large number of people who prefer to live in houses.

The reason behind them is quite understandable. Buying a house, while quite an expensive decision, allows the homeowner to buy his/her own property and the freedom that comes with it. It makes your home officially and legally your personal property and you are free to live in it and remodel/redecorate it any way you want without having to consult with the landlord or fellow tenants. Living in a house also allows for more privacy as well as the option of keeping the house within the family for generations and pass it on as a legacy.

Moving on to the basics of buying a house, it needs no mentioning that the process is a huge and expensive one. It involves various steps planning and pre-planning and thus having a checklist of the to-dos always make the process easier.

Checklist for buying a house:

  1. Decide on your budget. This will allow you to determine how much you can afford on the house as well as help you decide on the area since the price range of properties tends to differ according to location. While making your budget, take into account not only the price of the house and the mortgage payments but the additional charges and costs that may come into the mix, such as repair and alteration costs, maintenance charges, etc.
  2. Get your financials in order. Ask for a copy of your credit report so you can see what your lenders will see.
  3. Meanwhile, also decide on the location. In Dhaka, for instance, Gulshan and Banani are the places for you if you want somewhere flashy and commercially active. Decide on your requirements from the location (e.g. price range, facilities nearby, etc) and choose a location accordingly.
  4. Begin the hunt for properties. You can ask around, seek professional help or check the various options online, made easier by sites such as ours. Make a shortlist of the properties you seem to like best but make sure you visit all of them in person. Once you have chosen a few properties which seem to suit your requirements from your potential house, contact the real estate agent.
  5. Talk to the real estate agent about matters of bills, price, facilities and condition of the property, etc. while checking out the properties, consider whether it has everything you need or want, in terms of the property itself as well as the environment of the neighborhood. You should, however, keep an open mind and not reject all your objects if you don’t find everything on your wish list.
  6. Finally, if matters are settled, make sure you actually read what you are signing. Before buying the house, however, have it professionally inspected for leaks, damages, pests, etc.

These were the basic guidelines that you ought to follow before buying a house. The process may seem bewildering and mind-boggling at first, but as mentioned, having a clear list of things to do makes the whole thing much simpler.

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