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A small bedroom needs a clever layout and a minimalist decoration. If you’re seeking inspiration, so that you can get on with decorating your bedroom, you can always get inspired by looking at fantastic photographs that will give you many ideas – or try some of the tips that we have prepared for you.

Be efficient when it comes to bedroom furnishing

Although a big bed can be tempting, you don’t want to feel cramped in your own room. Go for a bed with small stature but the most luxurious in its range and place it in the middle of the room, so that it becomes the focal point of your room. Make a statement with a unique pattern headboard, mounted on the wall. This can be both an eye-catching headrest and a decoration to brighten up your space.

Rethinking the number of pieces of furniture in your room means you may not be able to keep a dresser. Instead, a wall-mounted mirror looks smarter. To save space, why not have a wall-mounted wardrobe? Not only will this save space, but it improves room functionality. Moreover, a lot of these wardrobes come with mirror designs and clever organizing systems with space for shoes and accessories, saving you room elsewhere. It all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend and how much your contractor can deliver.

Think vertical

Embrace the vertical storage. Install shelves to store decorative or necessary items. Try not to cram too much onto one shelf – by keeping the number of picture frames, souvenirs, and other tokens to a minimum, your room will look fresh and spacious. By adding in shelves, you can unlock the hidden space in between the studs in your walls and create a highly functional but attractive environment.

Be bold with decoration

Having wall art in small rooms is the best way to decorate without using up space. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Paint a landscape on your walls or a silhouette of trees and birds. There are endless designs for wall arts.

Whether it is curtain fabrics or bed sheets and pillow covers, choose an expressive color palette and punchy fabrics. A feeling of luxury and comfort in decoration and furniture will make up for the lack of space.

Because we have a small size to work with, separate pieces of furniture and artwork will only make the room look cluttered, so think about spacing when you’re designing your room. For example, why not frame a piece of art and make it the focal point of the wall? If you have a television in the room, install a wall cabinet and shelves for the surround sound system.

By minimizing the number of objects, and creating focal points on the walls and with your furniture, you can make your smaller room look much more spacious.

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