We Bangladeshis love to eat, and there’s nothing better than having some delicious pithas. While restaurants in Banani and Dhanmondi might be quite popular throughout the year, it is the pitha festival or ‘utshob’ that is the king of Dhaka during winter. An obsession with pitha begins in the late autumn season in Dhaka which then becomes uncontainable during winter. You can find a huge variety of pithas during the season; each with unique tastes. And the best place in Dhaka to try out these goodies is at a pitha utshob. Lucky for everyone, there is a number of such utshobs that takes place across the city. Today we’ll be highlighting the best pitha utshobs in Dhaka so you can indulge in some tasty treats.


The pitha festival in Shilpakala is very renowned
The atmosphere of the pitha utshob in Shilpokala are unlike any other places

Along with having one of the most popular art galleries in Bangladesh, Shilpakala hosts a pitha utshob on the premise. Each year, their adjoining field hosts one of the best pitha utshobs in Dhaka and brings in specialty pithas from every corner of the country. Vendors set up shop in the field and sell their delicious pithas to any hungry visitor. Shilpakala authorities vet the vendors before issuing permission to sell the food; so you can be sure of their quality. While the utshob usually starts from the afternoon, it really picks up after sundown and reaches its peak around nine. Also, as many renowned artists hang out in Shilpakala, you’ll often spot them eating beside you. And if you are lucky, some of the singers might even start a little song.

Bangla Academy

It is one of the more elegant pitha utshobs in Dhaka
People who spend their time in the Dhaka University area are regular visitors there

When we think about Bangla Academy, our first thought goes to Boi Mela. While Bangla Academy hosts the national Boi Mela in February, they hold another popular event in December; Pitha Utshob. The premise of the Bangla Academy becomes filled with vendors selling delicious pithas and customers who enjoy them. People dress up in traditional garbs and visit the pitha festival in the evening. If you are someone who likes to wear traditional clothes and enjoys eating traditional food, this is certainly one of the best pitha utshobs in Dhaka for you. The event opens its doors in the afternoon and goes on till late at night. The decorations, clothes, and the appetizing food make Bangla Academy’s pitha uthsob a glamorous event.

Uttara Friends Club

People of Uttara love this pitha festival
It is a small, yet, a popular gathering place in the evening for the people in Uttara

The Uttara Friends Club is no stranger to holding festivities. Since winter is full of festivities, it’s no surprise that Uttara Friends Club would host one of their own. Starting December 6th, the Uttara Friends Club will hold a marvelous pitha festival in their hall. And if their previous records are anything to go by, they will no doubt host one of the best pitha utshobs in Dhaka. Thanks to this event, people with apartments in Uttara don’t have to travel far to enjoy a variety of savory pithas. The event will go on till December 8th, so there’s a very limited time for you to enjoy these amazing treats.

Bailey Road

Bailey road is one of the best places for pitha utshob
The collection of pitha festival places makes Bailey road unique

People living in South Dhaka know Bailey Road as many things – a place to get great foods, a place to find winter clothes in Dhaka, and of course, hosting amazing pitha utshobs. Rather than hosting one massive event like previous entries in the list, they have a few small ones close together. Premises of Bangladesh Mahila Samity, Officers’ Club, and several other places host some amazing utshobs. They band together in a small area offering every imaginable type of pitha available in winter; thus, making it one of the best places for pitha utshob. So if you are looking to taste the most unique and amazing pithas, pay a visit to Baily Road.


Students often have their own pitha utshob
University pitha utshobs are the hidden gems of the festival

Many universities host pitha utshobs throughout the month of December. While it might not seem like an obvious choice for the best pitha utshobs in Dhaka, they certainly deliver. These utshobs are usually arranged by different clubs in their respective universities. The pithas there are made by the students and sold to the student body, their guardians, and the university authorities. Some of these students, no doubt, have unparalleled talent in making pithas. So you’ll be lucky to taste some of their cooking. Funds raised through these pitha utshobs are used as future contributions for the clubs themselves. If there’s a chance to taste some of these pithas in your university, you don’t want to miss it.

There are quite a few pitha utshobs in Dhaka, but only some of them are considered truly spectacular. From their past records, the utshobs we mentioned here have proven themselves as definite contenders. So the only thing remains is for you to taste and decide which pitha festival is the best among the rest.

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