New figures released by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) indicate that number of internet users is now up to three billion around the world. The growth of the internet is one of a kind. Globally, people are discovering the joy of having everything at their fingertips. From ordering groceries, booking tickets and hotels, to buying clothes and keeping in touch with friends and relatives via social networking, the internet is certainly convenient.

In Bangladesh alone, the number of internet users has jumped from 0.35 percent to 6.5 percent of the population. This is a growth of over 900 percent, presenting the scope for marketers involved in real estate to reach everyone fast and efficiently.

Hence, whether you are a seller, broker, developer or home-buyer, an online real estate portal is the new stairway to success.

Q: How do online real estate portals benefit sellers, brokers and developers?

A: Sellers, brokers and developers all have something in common; they need to reach out to home seekers to promote their available product. The internet provides a great advertising platform. Whilst a modest advertisement for one day in a newspaper or magazine will set you back a hefty amount, online advertising has a greater reach, and often lower costs. Besides cheaper operation, you can also see how many views your property has had to gauge interest in your advertisement.

Q: How do real estate portals benefit home-buyers?

A: Driving around neighborhoods, watching out for sale or to let signs, scouring the newspapers for adverts is a thing of the past. This time-consuming way of property hunting has now been replaced with modern day technology – the internet. Online real estate portals will present you with numerous options, as well as pictures and necessary details. You have the option to narrow down your search depending on your requirements, saving you a great amount of time.

Overall, online portals help all parties. Advertising using traditional media means you pay for each character and each image, as well as only getting a limited amount of space. The bigger the advertisement, the more it will cost you.  Online portals, however, give you the freedom to put up as many listings, and photos you want, to make your property advertisement more captivating.

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