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2020 has been a challenging year for the real estate sector. The pandemic which spread like wildfire all over the world, brought everything to a grinding halt, leading to severe consequences everywhere. In Bangladesh as well, the real estate sector had to bear the brunt of it to a certain extent. Nonetheless, Bproperty came forward and took this as a major chance to bring crucial change in the real estate domain through establishing innovative and more accessible means of carrying this industry forward in the best possible manner. Let’s now dive in to see how Bproperty brought such transformation and how 2020 eventually turned out to be a successful year for Bproperty.

2020: A Year of Triumph

Rejbeen Ahsan

General Manager, Business Operations

This year was very different and has been one of the busiest years in the entire history of Bproperty. First off, we participated in the REHAB Fair, in order to showcase real estate products to our clients and other stakeholders. Then we gradually moved on to expand our business through launching new marketplaces in Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur and Rampura, keeping the convenience factor of our respective clients in mind. Alongside, we even managed to arrange different types of property fairs in all of our marketplaces. Several new developers also came onboard in 2020 like Assure, Union, Mir, and US Bangla.

Bproperty participated in REHAB Fair in 2020

Overall, Bproperty had a vigorous start to 2020. Even though the onset of the pandemic created a bit of disruption in our regular activities, we managed to tackle the situation through maintaining all forms of precautions and continued to work from home to meet the needs of our customers. Once the lockdown was lifted, we came back to our regular operations with great enthusiasm and made this a successful year for Bproperty through record-breaking performance.

Increased Operational Activities

A H M Zamiul Haque

Head of Operations

In terms of operations, 2020 has been a remarkable year for us. Though it was challenging at first, our operations increased by 225% this year. The opening of three new marketplaces further connected us to the buyers and sellers of those areas. In 2019, Bproperty opened an office in Chattogram and during 2020, in spite of all the challenges which came our way, we were able to increase both our operational and service coverage.

In 2019, Bproperty opened a new office in Chattogram

We utilized this opportunity to the fullest through the usage of technology. The introduction of Proptech tools aided greatly in ensuring efficient operational activities.  We incorporated virtual tours with our existing listings, so that our customers can access the properties at their convenient time, from any location. Additionally, new features were also added to the Bproperty website for better user experience and easy property searching. Furthermore, our data collectors continued to deliver services at every doorstep while maintaining proper precautions along with ensuring our service quality standards. All in all, we have put our hearts and souls into turning 2020 into a successful year for Bproperty.

Recruitment Continued during COVID

Faizah Mohsin Zaarah

Manager, Organisation Development, Human Resources

2020 has been a crucial year for us. Even through a pandemic, we still welcomed new members to join our Bproperty family. This year there has seen 20% more recruitment overall from the previous year and 7 new departments were opened to expand our operations and streamline business processes. Most importantly, we feel proud to state that, there have been zero layoffs in Bproperty during the whole crisis situation. We have successfully stood beside our employees throughout such a difficult phase and further ensured their safety once they started coming back to office on a regular basis. We are a strong community and with that strength we have indeed transformed 2020 into a successful year for Bproperty.

Digital Communication Prevailed

Mahzabin Chowdhury

Head of Marketing & PR

Online Fair
Based on the current scenario Bproperty launched online property fair

We have almost spent the entire year by working from home, which brought us to the point of discovering the true importance of digital communication. In order to embrace the ‘new normal’ we have left no stone unturned and managed to play a bigger role in terms of digital communication this year. First off, one major milestone for us has been the launch of our very first online property fair in such a climate – Bproperty Online Property Fair, which turned out to be a huge success for us. Additionally, we brought the industry leaders together through Bproperty Talks and hosted several webinars, which further helped us remain connected throughout the lockdown as well as real estate enthusiasts be informed about the sectors. Last but not the least, due to adapting fast to the digital landscape, we have been able to serve our customers whenever they were in any form of real estate service help and that is where we have made a true difference and intend to do so in the near future.

Ensured Strong Communication

Monir Ahmed Khan

Head of Customer Service

The first and foremost priority for us has always been our customers. In order to ensure our customers could communicate with us at the greatest of convenience, we remained available through call, sms, email, facebook, website, youtube, google, whatsapp and even through our blogs. More people were on-boarded to the team so that we could extend our working hours for delivering efficient communication to our valued customers. At the end of 2019, there were 30 team members in the customer service department which has now evolved into a team of 50 in 2020, and that itself is a great achievement for us. Our ability to serve customers even ticked up from 1000 a day to 1700 daily this year. We are well aware of the fact that customer service sets the benchmark and makes the first formal impression of Bproperty, hence we continuously strive to enforce confidence in our customers through our impeccable customer service.

2020 has been a successful year for Bproperty. A difficult, challenging year yet an educational one for us. None of it would have been possible without the amazing and hard working people of Bproperty, who stretch themselves to their maximum limit every single day. The tremendous growth achieved has been really applaudable and will surely direct us towards a better and brighter tomorrow, along with numerous untapped scope of growth and opportunities to serve the stakeholders in the real estate domain.

As we are approaching the end of 2020, we eagerly look forward to achieving new milestones in 2021. We will hopefully succeed in grabbing new opportunities and make an even stronger presence both in the marketplace as well as in the hearts of our stakeholders in the upcoming days. In this particular moment we would like to take the opportunity to deeply thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being with Bproperty through thick and thin.

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