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Kitchen hoods or range hoods are some of the most overlooked appliances in the kitchen. But when it comes to maintaining the overall environment of the kitchen, the need for a good quality kitchen hood becomes incomparable. Kitchen range hoods are designed to improve air quality by removing odor, smoke, grease, and other harmful elements from the air while cooking. It also makes your stay in the kitchen comfortable by removing excess heat and steam. Besides, your modern kitchen looks incomplete and outdated without these. However, since there are different types of range hoods with different functionality, it may become challenging to pick the right one for your kitchen. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of 4 different types of kitchen hoods and discussed in-depth their specialties.

Under-cabinet range hood

photo of kitchen interior
One of the most popular types of kitchen hoods

Due to its compact size and attractive design, the under-cabinet range hood is one of the most popular kitchen hoods in the world. As you may have probably guessed by the name, these types of kitchen hoods are installed beneath the cabinet of your kitchen.

Under-cabinet range hoods come in two varieties, ducted and ductless. Ducted range hood absorbs all the smoke and moisture from the air and empties it outside. Ductless, on the other hand, recycles the air through a filter that then empties it back into the kitchen.

Although a ductless system is eco-friendly, it requires a lot of space to use them. Also, it requires regular upkeep and filter replacements. Under-cabinet range hoods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose any model considering the needs of your kitchen. However, you should plan the kitchen space in advance; it is wise to choose the kitchen hood according to the size of the kitchen. 


wall mounted kitchen hood
It is installed directly into the wall of the kitchen

The wall mount range hood is also known as the vent hood. If you don’t have a kitchen cabinet at the top of your kitchen, you may want to invest in a wall mount range hood. These types of kitchen hoods have to be installed directly into the wall and be connected to the duct system through a pipe for ventilation. Since a wall-mounted range hood is quite large, it can easily absorb all the pollutants from the air. If you use this hood over the cooking area, it won’t leave any room for cabinets. However, if you have a small kitchen, this hood may not be suitable for you.

Island range hoods

island style range hood
It sits directly above the cooking area on the island

Just like home interiors, there are all sorts of designs for your kitchen as well! Some people prefer an island-style (where the island sits in the middle of the kitchen space) kitchen. You cannot use a cabinet or wall-mounted range hood in this type of kitchen. This is where the island range hood comes into play. The design of this hood is like the wall-mounted range hood but doesn’t need to be installed directly into the wall. 

These types of kitchen hoods have a vent that is connected to a duct, which pulls air pollutants up and empties them out of your kitchen. This hood is more suitable for a larger kitchen space. These types of range hoods are more expensive than the others because of their unique mechanism. If you want to achieve a sleek and more contemporary look for your kitchen, go all the way with island range hoods.


retractable downdraft kitchen hood
It usually sits behind the cooking area

Unlike its other counterparts, a downdraft range hood doesn’t work in the same way. Whereas all the aforementioned hoods pull air up towards the ceiling, downdraft range hoods work in the opposite direction by pulling air downwards.

It is usually installed behind a cooktop and pulls the air down and pushes it out of your kitchen space through a duct beneath the floor. These types of range hoods are apt for those who have a relatively small kitchen or have a cooktop in the middle of the kitchen. Installing a downdraft range is simple and easy if you have the proper ducting system in your kitchen. It can offer a top-notch ventilation system in the most eye-catching way possible.

Other option

Exhaust fan
An exhaust fan can help push the heat and steam out of your kitchen

If you are on a budget and want to have something that works similarly to a kitchen hood, a wall ventilation fan can be a good option. These exhaust fans are more affordable than all the types of kitchen hoods mentioned above. Installation is a breeze. While it is not as effective as a range hood, it can help to remove excess heat and steam.

Your kitchen should look clean and comfortable and a good quality kitchen range hood can certainly help you with that. However, it can backfire and make your kitchen look dirty if not maintained properly. So be sure to take care of the kitchen appliances and clean them routinely.

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