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Uttara is one of the best planned neighborhoods in Dhaka. When planning was done for the area, planners focused on creating an accessible road network. Which is why there are many avenues in Uttara – 11 to be exact. In the first part of the avenues of Uttara series, we learned of 6 avenues in Uttara. Today, in the second part, we will look at 5 other avenues of Uttara.

Sonargaon Janapath (Sectors 7, 9, 11, 13 And More)

Sonargaon Janapath
Sonargaon Janapath

If anybody asks you, “What is the largest avenue in Uttara?”, you can answer with your eyes closed that it is Sonargaon Janapath. It is located at the very northern edge of Uttara. With House Building on the Eastern side and the MRT Station at the very west, the avenue spans more than 3 kilometers.

The vastness of the avenue can only be comprehended when you realize that it intersects with three other avenues. Firstly at the intersection of Sector 11 and 13, Sonargaon Janapath meets Gareeb-e-Nawaz Avenue. Going a bit further, it intersects with Shah Makhdum avenue. On the opposite side of the main road to Sonargaon Janapath is Alaol Avenue.

And in the largest avenue in Uttara, you will find the offices of Bangladesh’s only comprehensive real estate solutions provider, Bproperty. In Khan Tower on Sonargaon Janapath, you will find the Bproperty Uttara Marketplace. The specific address is 4th Floor, Plot 14 & 16, Sector 11.

On the avenue, you will find numerous shops and businesses operating. There are cafes and restaurants as well. Super shops and shopping malls are also there. Sonargaon Janapath is the only avenue out of all the avenues in Uttara where public transport is available.

Kabi Nazrul Avenue (Sectors 3 – 5)

Kabi Nazrul Avenue
Kabi Nazrul Avenue

While Sonargaon Janapath is the largest avenue in Uttara, Kabi Nazrul Avenue is the smallest. Many people in Uttara don’t even know of its existence. Most people won’t be able to point out where Kabi Nazrul Avenue is located. Even people living in or around the avenue have no clue!

Starting from the Post Office in Sector 3, the avenue goes 700-800 meters in the western direction and stops near the Sector 5 market. On the avenue, you will find many landmarks such as Friends Club Field, Sector 3 Mosque, and the Post Office. There is also a bridge in between, where you will find greenery on the roads surrounding the bridge.

Gausul Azam Avenue (Sectors 13 – 14)


Gausul Azam Avenue is one of the most famous avenues in Uttara. It is parallel to Kabi Nazrul Avenue. Starting from the Sector 7 Lake Drive and going all the way to Shah Makhdum Avenue, the road spans 1 kilometer. To the north, you will find Sector 13 and in the east, Sector 14.

High Care Hospital is located nearby. The avenue plays host to numerous cafes and restaurants, including Cooper’s, Herfy, Khana’s, and Crimson Cup. There are also two superstores, including a Meena Bazaar. There’s also an RFL Best Buy store as well as a Regal Furniture showroom.

Shah Makhdum Avenue (Sectors 11 – 13)

Most of the avenues of Uttara go from east to west. But there are two avenues that go in a North-South direction, and one of them is Shah Makhdum Avenue. It starts where Gausul Azam Avenue ends. On one side you have Sector 11, and on the other side, you have Sector 13, and the avenue spans a distance of 500 meters.

The avenue is home to many fantastic cafes and restaurants. This avenue also leads to the passport office in Uttara. And at the northernmost point of the road, you will find Moylar Mor, where you will find a plethora of street food carts that set up shop every evening.

Gareeb-e-Nawaz Avenue (Sectors 12 – 13)

A road in Uttara
A road in Uttara

The last avenue that we will be discussing in this series is Gareeb-e-Nawaz Avenue. Like Shah Makhdum Avenue, it goes in a North-South direction. But it covers a greater distance of 1 kilometer, compared to Shah Makhdum Avenue’s 500 meters. In the south, you will find Gausul Azam Avenue, and in the North, Sluice Gate Rd. There are numerous healthcare facilities located on Gareeb-e-Nawaz Avenue, such as Lubna General Hospital, Labaid, and Ibn Sina. Plus, there’s also the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology located on the avenue. And, like the other avenues of Uttara, you will find numerous cafes and restaurants.

What sets Gareeb-e-Nawaz Avenue apart from the other avenues of Uttara is that many banking institutions have branches on the avenue. Banks such as Prime Bank, NRB Bank, Social Islami Bank, Bank Asia, Shahjalal Islami Bank, Exim Bank have branches on Gareeb-e-Nawaz Avenue. The Income Tax Office for Zone 9 is also located here. Furthermore, the avenue also hosts numerous brand shops and showrooms, making it one of the busiest avenues of Uttara.

This is the ending of the two-part series regarding the avenues of Uttara. The avenues are a testament to how organized and well planned Uttara is. How did you like the article? Keep an eye on the Bproperty Blog for more content like this. We publish new articles every day just for you!

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