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Among all the flavors a person can taste in their food, none other is more exhilarating to taste than spicy-ness. The moment you start feeling the fiery, zesty flavor of spicy food, your body begins to experience an unparalleled rush which cannot be found in any other flavor. While ‘spicy’ is not technically a flavor like sweet, it is distinct enough from others to titillate your taste buds. As someone who likes a bit of spice in his food, I’m always on the lookout for great spicy food restaurants in Dhaka that will deliver a wonderful eating experience. The six places mentioned below are that kind of places and deserves at least a visit from spice lovers.


Interior of Chillox
One of the best places for spicy foods, Chillox has gained a lot of fame for its varying spice levels

We begin with a familiar name that started as a food cart opposite BRAC University and is quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurants in Banani and Dhanmondi area. The popularity of Chillox quickly took off thanks to their juicy & spicy burgers and reasonable pricing; both of which they still maintain. Their combination of Naga sauce, cheese, and the patty is unmatched by any. And the best thing is no matter what your preference level is, when it comes to spicy-ness, they can serve accordingly. Their ‘extreme Naga’ sauce can and does leave even the mightiest in tears. But every bite of those amazing burgers is worth it for a fan of spicy food.

Coffee Express

Exterior of Coffee Express
Among all its other items, the Naga burger stands out for its taste

From one spicy burger to another; the Naga burgers at Coffee Express are a personal favorite of mine. Sure they serve a wide variety of food there, but it is the burgers that sing their siren song to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating at the place ever since it opened or maybe it’s because their burgers always have just the right amount of spice, every bite gives an unearthly satisfaction. The first Coffee Express outlet was just a small shop that could barely hold ten people. However, their quality of food and service have quickly elevated them to a bigger and better location at Mirpur 7.


Kabab and roti in Kababwala
If you are looking for the best spicy food at a reasonable cost, Kababwala is your best option

We, like people, have a certain weakness when it comes to kababs, grilled food, and biriyani. That is why when a restaurant serves food that is both mouthwatering and appetizing; it quickly starts to gain a following. Kababwala is certainly one of those places that have recently become the ‘hotspot’ for spice lovers. It has quickly achieved a strong claim as one of the best spicy food restaurants in Dhaka. While most other eateries specialize in one or two spicy foods, Kababwala is master-extraordinaire in a variety of cuisines. Their chicken chap, jhal fry, grilled chicken, and kacchi are filled with spicy goodness and taste. And as far as price goes, you can sate your hunger completely within just 150 BDT. You’ll find them on the Atish Dipankar Road in Basabo and in Hajipara of Rampura.

Pasta State

A bowl of naga pasta
A variety of Pasta types is available to the customers of Pasta State

From the get-go, the name of the restaurant tells you what to expect, which is all sorts of pasta. But what the name doesn’t tell you is their extraordinary Naga pasta that can leave you wanting for more. Unlike other spicy food restaurants in Dhaka, Pasta State is not overtly known for their spicy pasta. Rather, this particular dish is their hidden gem, which coincidentally, is their best one. Among all the great restaurants in Dhanmondi, Pasta State is unique.

The Pabulum

Spicy burger from the Pabulum
The Pabulum is located near Malibagh and offers great service

Nestled between Malibagh and Bailey Road is one of the best spicy food restaurants in Dhaka. The Pabulum is often the first choice for spice lovers living in Malibagh and Shantinagar area. Students from nearby educational institutes also frequent the place to treat their taste buds to some reasonably priced good food. What makes their burgers special is the slow delivery of the spice. At first bite, you’d hardly feel the zesty-ness of the burgers. However, with every bite, the spice starts to build up and reach a satisfactory climax.

Chap Shops in Taltola

Place of chicken chap
One of the truly great places to eat spicy foods that are still considered a hidden gem

Throughout my journey as a foodie, I have had the pleasure of tasting food that was tastier than the ones served in the chap shops in Taltola area and food that were spicier. However, it is in these chap shops that I’ve had the tastiest spicy food in all of Dhaka. For anyone looking for spicy food restaurants in Dhaka, these shops should definitely be on their bucket list. You won’t find a great atmosphere or seating arrangements in these places, but what you will find is heavenly aroma and savory food that you’ll fall in love with.

Food is undoubtedly one of the compelling reasons for living in Dhaka, and for spice enthusiasts, there’s no better place to live. There are plenty of spicy restaurants in Dhaka that will sate any and everyone’s taste, but the six mentioned here are some of the best.

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