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The entryway plays a significant role in creating the first impression of any house. Because it is the first thing people encounter the moment they walk into the house. No matter how beautifully decorated your home is if the entryway does not compliment the interior style, the entire set can look inconsistent. But fortunately, it is not difficult to design an inviting and functional entryway that will complement the interior style of your home. Incorporating simple elements such as mirror, plant, console table, artwork, rug, and pendant lighting can not only elevate the look and feel of your entrance, it can also add functionality to your home. That is why we have gathered some beautiful and functional entryway ideas for your inspiration.

Entryway For Open Concept Home

open concept
A bench against a sofa can create a great entryway in an open concept house

In an open concept home or a studio apartment, it is a bit tricky to design an entryway that complements the interior, regardless of the design style. Because as the space is open, there is too much space to work with. But the main hurdle is there is no clearly defined zone for an entryway. To tackle this problem, first, you have to create it. You may use the aid of a sofa or a bench to carve out a little entryway. This is one of the most wonderful and functional entryway ideas for an open concept home. If you use a sofa, place a bench against it and make sure it matches the rest of the furniture or complements the interior style of your house. That way your entrance will not only look amazing, it will also add functionality to your home as you can place your handbag or other portable items on the bench.

Black and White Entryway

Monochrome décor
Black and white entryway can go well with any interior style

Be it an open setting, a large space, or a compact home with a minimalist interior design, you can never go wrong with a black and white entryway. Use black and white patterned rugs on the floor. Or you can stick a black and white patterned wallpaper or create an illusion using black and white colors on the sidewall. You can read our wallpaper vs illusion article to decide which one will be the best fit for your entrance. This will help you create a seamless design as this can go well with almost any type of interior design style. You can place a lacquer or a console table with drawer storage or hang a white or black framed mirror above. To personalize the space, you can incorporate paintings or place art pieces on the table.

Clean and Simple Rustic Entryway

Small Rustic Entryway Ideas
Rustic Entryway with antler décor style is a all-time classic

There are all sorts of brilliant and functional entryway ideas, but nothing is more elegant than an immaculate rustic entryway when it comes to keeping it clean and simple. You can do a whole lot of things with a rustic-themed entryway. Fan of urban industrial farmhouse design style? Use a rustic oak entry table with a lower shelf or shelves and you will have a stylish and charming entryway that will feel warm and inviting. Or you can resort to antler decor style for your entryway if you are into that. Place an entryway bench and hook-style hat rack and vintage cardboard signs on the wall to create a welcoming and cozy space.

Minimalist Entryway

Keep it minimal with a console table and a mirror

Sometimes a minimalist approach is all you need to make your entryway beautiful and functional. To achieve that, use as few components as possible. Because in a minimalist lifestyle less is more. You just need a storage space to keep your everyday carry items and some design elements. But be mindful of the interior design style of your house. You can use a console table, lacquer table, or a hovering wall-mounted cabinet as a storage space. However, a mirror can be great for enhancing aesthetics. You can also place a rug on the floor as well. Furthermore, using a pendant light can be great for creating an inviting appeal.  Like these, there are plenty of ways to make your entrance look clean and simple yet gorgeous.

Entryway Ideas For A Long Narrow Hallway

long narrow entryway
For your long narrow entryway make use of wallpaper and storage box

If your entryway is a long narrow hallway, you have to resort to a different set of design methodologies. To tackle the long space in your hallway you can hang a photo on one side of the wall and mount a shoe rack on the other. Next to the front door use slate floor tiles that stand up to moisture and dirt. A machine-washable rug on the floor will also look great. You can incorporate a DIY wall-mounted shelf that can be doubled as a coat hanger. That way, this can be one of the most amazing and functional entryway ideas for your long hallway.

These are just five basic functional entryways ideas to fuel your inspiration. But you can do a whole lot more. You can make your entryway as colorful as you want with tiles or make the best use of wallpaper by sticking it to the ceiling. You can also resort to natural elements for your entryway to go full eco. 

However, whatever you do, take your time to think about the basics of interior design because in the end if your entryway doesn’t complement the interior design style of your home, it can look horrible out of place. To avoid such misfortune, we recommend you use the aid of a professional interior solution provider such as Bproperty. 

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