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If you want to shift home safely anytime, it is never an easy task. It involves a lot of energy, workload and checklists for an effective shift. During any crisis time, shifting homes become more and more rigid and full of hassles. You need to take lots of precautionary measures in order to shift your home effectively. You may even cut the cost of shifting. Also, there are some checklists for renting flats in Bangladesh. Here are some of the best tips to shift home safely and effectively.

Create a pre-checklist

checklist diary
To organize and work accordingly, maintaining a checklist is important

Making a checklist before you shift home safely is quite necessary in order to determine and close all the accounts and costs of your present home. Paying off the electricity bill, gas bill, newspaper bill, internet bill of the month are very important. Paying them in advance can be a very good option in order to avoid any last-minute inconvenience. Your pre-checklist should also include the costs of any repairs or anything that you need to do in order to mitigate any damage to the property before you shift home safely.

Time to purge and get rid of any unnecessary clutters

Reject all the things that you won’t need any more

There are a lot of things at your home which you will never use in future. Get rid of those things as quickly as you can. Donate them, sell them or dispose of them properly without making any damage to the environment. Dispose of your plastic or any kind of chemical waste properly, with preventive measures. Consume all perishable foods that are inside containers like pickle jars and sauces, which may have chances to leak. Shift home after completing all these tasks in a regulated way.

Use cardboard boxes and save them for future use

Cardboard boxes are the best solution for packaging

Cardboard boxes are the best carriers of your household items. For any fragile products like glassware, electronics or ceramics which have high possibility to break, arrange them in between clothes inside the cardboard boxes and seal them well with scotch tapes. After you shift home, preserve these cardboard boxes for future use. Never break them or throw them away as these create a lot of heavy wastes. Mark the cardboard on all sides and write down the collective names of things that are inside clearly and in which room they should go. Use all available spaces inside your cardboard box. Otherwise, there might be a chance of breakage. But do not overdo it.

Research and find the best packers and movers fit in your area

Bproperty Rental
Contact our rental service for P&M

In order to find out the best packers and movers, consult our experts from Bproperty Rental Service. Besides, there are lots of online quotations, where you can find them out. In order to shift home, hiring professional and experienced P&M services are immensely important. Otherwise, your valuables which are worth lots of money might get destroyed due to carelessness.

Take a picture of your empty house before leaving

Don’t forget to take a photograph of all the electrical points

Take a picture of electric points, bathrooms and all the rooms and kitchen before leaving. Taking photographs of electric points can help you reinstall them in your new place after you shift home safely. Taking photos of bathrooms and other places in the house where there are expensive fittings can help you get rid of any unintentional fixing charges by your landlords. Send these pictures compiling in a folder immediately before you leave your house, handing over them at the best condition.

Pack valuable documents separately and carry them yourself

A box full of pictures
Pack all your valuable documents separately

Arrange valuable documents, especially your certificates, bank statements and any other documentation in a single place, better if you use a suitcase in a locked condition and carry them to your new abode, all by yourself. When you shift home safely, you should never neglect this step. Otherwise, you may face a lot of difficulty in future. Only one person should be responsible for all these documents and arrange them properly after getting into a new place.

Pack emergency and necessary item bags for everyone

Pack emergency medicine, clothes and other necessary items which you need immediately after you shift home. Also, fill enough drinkable water in bottles and fill them in each bag as well. Complete all these tasks carefully and take as much time as you need. Don’t haste and miss anything.

Clean your fridges and don’t switch them on right away

Take special care for your refrigerators

Cleaning home appliances is a very important task. Clean your fridges and lock them up. It is very important to clean them up completely before the shift. To do so, stop buying any groceries one month before you plan to shift home. This can actually help you to not preserve any food items and clutter them before moving. Eat all the items and don’t carry any previous food item to your new place. After shifting, don’t switch on your fridges right away. Know about the voltage, take help from technicians. It is wise to give your fridges a one-week rest at least before you are set to go.

Disinfect all the items

Disinfecting chemicals and a man
Don’t forget to disinfect all the items before packing and after opening

Disinfect all the items with alcoholic solutions or other disinfectants before and after the shift. All the cardboard boxes and the packed items must be disinfected properly in order to prevent the spread of any germs. This also helps to keep your health safe and sound. Protecting your home against microbes is a very important task.

Following these tips and tricks can make your life easier whenever you plan to shift home safely. You can also take help from bproperty since we are also trying to find a home for you. It is not an easy task, so doing it in an organised way can help you reduce the chances of incurring any damages.

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