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A rental property is that one place that the property owner makes exceptionally comfortable and livable for you. The majority of people in Bangladesh live in rental houses. With certain rights to enjoy while living in a rental property, there are some crucial maintenance responsibilities of tenants in Bangladesh as well. These maintenance responsibilities can help in incentivizing a mutual understanding between the landowner and tenant. There are different maintenance techniques for different seasons. To prepare your home for the monsoon season, you need to take care of wooden stuff properly. For winter, the maintenance checklist is different. You can even check out these fantastic tips for decorating your rental property without doing any small damage to it. Below is a list of maintenance issues that tenants must be aware of and work towards accordingly.

Proper disposal of waste

A flying trashcan
Dump your waste properly

Disposal of waste properly is one of the most important maintenance responsibilities of tenants to avoid any kind of infectious environment or spread of bad odor and germs. Without proper disposal of waste, the entire household waste management system can break down and, the regulation of waste will not be proper. Paying charges to the municipality and coordinating waste disposal with them is a very important task. In places without regular trash service, it is essential to make the negotiation of a disposal strategy and stick with it.

Maintaining the wall and roof

Different rental property owners prefer to decorate and color their walls differently. The distempering process is quite costly. Therefore it is one of the sole maintenance responsibilities of tenants in Bangladesh in order to make it sustainable. If you have pasted any wallpapers, remove it carefully before leaving the tenancy. Take proper care so that you can get rid of mold on the wall.

A house with cream walls and a shelf infront and a passage to a room
Decorate your walls accordingly without causing any damage

In many houses, if you live below the roof, there can be possibilities of roof leaks, which you can prevent by following appropriate techniques. Therefore, maintaining walls isn’t that hard, but a little delicate. Having proper knowledge, like knowing about the alternatives to wall drilling, can help you retain the longevity of your wall’s color and temper. People are sometimes fond of roof gardening. If not done properly, regular accumulation of water might make the rooftop damp, which may cause leakage. So if you want to create your own roof garden, follow these steps. 

Taking proper care of doors and windows

a window with 2 plants and a teapot
Take care of windows and doors and keep them clean

Doors and windows are integral parts of the house and need proper attention. There is the best way to clean your windows in some steps. If you follow those, you can properly maintain the durability of your windows, and it’s reflective-refractive properties. For doors, there might be squeaky and creaking sound problems for lack of proper lubrication. Also, different pests might attack and start to destroy it, especially wooden ones. Here is a blog with all that you should know about doors. Always watch your doors and keep them clean in order to avoid the pest attacks. Taking proper care of the doors and windows of your rental house is one of the key maintenance responsibilities of tenants.

Bill payments in due time

A picture of calendar on a building surface
Clear all your fees and rents in due time

There are several bills that you need to pay while you rent a property. Besides the rental fees, there are electricity bills, water bills, internet bills, gas bills as well as municipal bills for waste management and social services. Clearing all the bills by a certain deadline right after the beginning of the month is very crucial. The reason is, it helps in clearing all the accounts in due time without any penalty of fines or service disruption. Henceforth, clearing bills in due time is one of the significant maintenance responsibilities of tenants in Bangladesh.

Making minor fixes or replacements (Plumbing, electrical appliances, floor, etc.)

Plumbing tools
Make small and emergency minor fixes with the consent of the owner

During plumbing or fixing of any damages, the changes must not affect the infrastructure of the unit. For example, if someone wants to replace a water tap, they must do it with the same quality of the material and quite the same cost. It’s better to inform the owner first and take their consent. Before the installation of an AC, make sure that the positioning of your AC is correct, and it does not need to change again. It is not the responsibility of a tenant to change the light stands, doorknobs, switchboards, or modifying electric appliances like meters, powerboard, etc. Furthermore, take care of your floor properly. Floors can be of different types, and each of them needs specific attention. Here are some handy tips for cleaning your floors.

These are the essential maintenance responsibilities of tenants in Bangladesh. An owner will fix a lot of structural problems in the house. But monitoring the fixes and maintaining them accordingly is the responsibility of the tenant. Failure to do so can create a lot of chaos in the neighborhood. You might also get in trouble for it. They might even have to bear extra costs. It is not that hard to follow the steps above and keep yourself safe from doing any significant damages to your rental property.

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