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Ambient lighting can change the mood of your home, depending on your mood. Here are a few simple ways to light up your home and change the atmosphere of your interior design.

General illumination

A living room should provide an area with lighting that makes you feel comfortable in your surroundings. The glare of fluorescent bulbs is a thing of the past, as hanging or recessed lights illuminate their way into the homes. There is a variety of hanging, or pendant, lights in different shapes and sizes. And what’s more, you can change the shade to match your interior decor.

Cove lighting, which can be built into ledges or valences high up in any room, directs light up to the ceiling. Whilst this can be used to light up the whole room, it is also effective in highlighting ceiling decorations or patterned walls.

Accent lighting

Create drama in a room by strategically placing accent lighting around the room. Use spotlights, recessed lights, standing- or mounted lamps to direct attention to decorative items, paintings, sculpture or accentuate decorative walls.

Mood lighting

LED lights, which come in narrow strips and a variety of colors, are becoming increasingly popular for home- and office lighting. These can be attached underneath the bed, sofa, wall cabinets or kitchen counters and are a great source of secondary lighting. The different colors can easily change the atmosphere of any home.

Lava lamps are on the market again! Born in 1960s, they can still be weaved into the interior décor thanks to their mesmerizing and eternally contemporary look. With advancing technology, there are plenty of types of lamps, and many colors, to choose from.

A standard reading lamp behind a screen or an object can change the whole appearance of a room. Play around with the arrangement until you get the exact lighting you want.

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