Whether you are looking for discounted textiles or branded apparel, Bangladesh’s capital city has it all. To make your life easier we have put together a top ten list that covers everything from bookstores to fashion and accessories.


Located in the well-to-do area of Banani, this gem of an arts and crafts store has charming folk handicrafts and clothes with a quirky modern twist. You can pre-order a custom made Dhallywood film poster, with your own face plastered inside, a unique souvenir of Bangladesh.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: 60 Kemal Ataturk Banani

Opening hours: 10-10

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Bashundhara City

Boldly claiming to be the 12th largest shopping center in the world with international brands, restaurants, and a multiplex cinema, it comprises over 2000 shops. It is a rare chance to see the Bangladeshi middle class dream unfolding before your eyes.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: Panthapath

Opening hours: 10-8


This is your one-stop-shop for all Bangladesh souvenirs. Aarong is the market leader for Bengali clothing and handicrafts, it is also the retail branch of the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), aiming to create employment opportunities for the less advantaged.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: Gulshan- Tejgaon Link Road

Opening hours: 10-8 closed Sunday

Bangshal Rd

Anything rickshaw related can be purchased here, whether that is parts, art, or rickshaws themselves. The art can be neatly rolled for you and fitted into your suitcase. Do not pay more than To 100, and of course remember that bargaining is part of the culture.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: Bicycle St

Opening hours: 10-6

New Market

This is Dhaka’s largest market and sells everything under the sun, even the sun itself if you pay enough. You can easily spend a day here, so plan accordingly or be disciplined. Plenty of food alternatives are on offer to boost energy levels for further shopping.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: Mirpur Rd

Opening hours: Closed afternoon Mon & all Tue

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Spread over three floors, this store sells high-quality Bengali clothing and handicrafts. The place is good for children’s toys and locally produced jute products.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: 74 Gulshan Ave.

Opening hours: 10-8

First Chain Bookstore

This very large bookstore has a great selection of English-language books, and many CDs and children’s books. If you get thirsty with all the reading, you can grab a drink in the cafe and juice bar. Online buying is also possible.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: Shantinagar Rd. Naya Paltan

Opening hours: 10-9


Victor is a handicraft store with locally produced fair-trade items. It is full of trinkets, textiles and carvings. A place worth a visit for unique one-of-a kind Bangladesh take homes.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: House 60, Rd 7A, Banani

Opening hours: 10-10


A small shop by all accounts, the cafe sells colorful Bangladeshi clothing and handicrafts. Importantly, it helps to support women in Bangladesh.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: Sir Sayed Rd, Mohammadpur

Opening hours: 10-8 closed Thursday

Banga Bazar

A large and frenzied clothing store with both second hand clothing and factory overruns. Opportunities are ripe for the bargain hunter.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Address: College Rd

Opening hours: 10-6

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